About your Gas Grill

Gas Grills offer several unique advantages not available to users of regular charcoal/wood grills or smokers. Gas grills are easily started, reach cooking temperatures quickly, maintain constant temperatures, and are easy to shut down when grilling is completed.

It is great for those quick grilled meals after work. Even the 'non-barbecuer' in the family will find the Gas Grill easily manageable. We will be discussing many features, however, simply stated, the gas grill provides:
- Constant Temperatures
- Year Round Cooking
- Economical Use
- Ease of Use
- Convenience

Before beginning our discussion, it is important to distinguish the difference between propane gas grills (those with gas bottles as the source of gas) and natural gas grills (those with gas being delivered from the local natural gas company). Propane is under a higher pressure and thus uses smaller orifices on the burner jets. Natural gas is much lower pressure and a larger orifice is necessary to obtain the needed gas flow to heat the grill. Some grills have adjustable orifices and many do not. Most gas grill manufacturers, however, offer replacement orifices to convert from propane to natural gas.