About your Gas Grill

Look for a grill having a minimum of two to three gas burners which will allow for greater control of heat. For instance, indirect heating may be accomplished by using the gas burner on one end of the grill and placement of the meat on the other. You may also add a water pan directly beneath the meat to make it perform similar to a water smoker/grill.

Gas Grills require a diffusing material between the meat and the direct heat from the gas. This material, in addition to diffusing the heat, contributes to the amount of smoke generated and protects the burner elements. These substances may consist of Lava Rocks (less common), Compressed Pumice Rocks (or briquettes), Metal Plates or Ceramic Materials. Grease buildup on these diffusing elements is a potential flare-up hazard!

Ceramic diffusers
Package of Ceramic Material - Ceramic diffusers can come in all shapes. Usually your grill will have a bag of material such as this to spread on the lower grate to help prevent flare-ups.
Racks of Ceramic Diffusers - An ingenious idea to place the ceramic diffusers in separate trays which allow for easy management. Another view showing easy removal of the trays to reach the burners below.

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